About Cal Automotive

company overview

CAL Automotive represents the next generation in the indirect automotive leasing business with a focus in the New Jersey, New York, Massachusetts and Pennsylvania marketplaces. CAL’s competitive advantage revolves around its 30 plus years in the indirect automobile leasing industry. CAL constructs strategic and competitive automotive leasing programs which are highly attractive to dealers and their customers.

Michael Wimmer, President/CEO of CAL surrounds himself with an experienced team of leasing professionals, some of who have been with him since the inception and daily operations of the Hann Financial organization. Michael was the original founder, owner and CEO of Hann and his team has always been a dominant and innovative lease funding source to our dealer portfolio.

CAL provides the originating dealer with the protection they deserve, namely net residual value payoff amounts. In addition, CAL offers a $500 lessee damage deductible waiver at no additional cost, coupled with a single tier pricing policy.

With its aggressive & customized lease programs, CAL is the preferred leasing source in the Tri-State area. The CAL team provides the highest level of customer service and satisfaction, going above and beyond for our dealer and customer network. Please feel free to contact us anytime at info@calautomotive.com or 609-807-3200.