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Your one-stop-shop for all your leasing, insurance, payment, and credit answers. See below for some of our most frequently asked questions or contact us.

Accident and Theft
If your vehicle has been stolen, damaged, or involved in an accident, we can help protect your rights and assist you in handling these claims.  Pursuant to your lease agreement, any accident or theft should be reported to CAL immediately.

Insurance Check Endorsement
If you have received an insurance check made payable to CAL Automotive, please mail us the check(s) along with the following documents:

  • Insurance Estimate(s)
  • Bodyshop Work Order
  • Paid Invoice
  • Police Report

Mailing Address:
CAL Automotive
Attn: Insurance Dept
4556 S Broad St.
Yardville, NJ 08620

Upon verification that all documentation is complete and satisfactory, the check(s) will be endorsed and returned to you within one week. Check(s) are delivery via regular mail unless you provide a prepaid return envelope.

If you have questions regarding the accuracy of credit information supplied by CAL Automotive, please mail us your credit reporting dispute or credit inquiry dispute and we will begin reviewing it as soon as it is received.  Mail credit disputes to:

CAL Automotive
Attn: Credit Disputes
4556 S. Broad Street
Yardville, NJ 08620

Please include the following information: Name, Address, Last 4 digits of Social Security Number, account number, specific information disputed and basis for the dispute, and any supporting documents you may have.

When you shop for a vehicle, a car dealership will explore many financing sources to obtain the best possible deal for you.  Upon doing so, we request a copy of your credit report.  Accordingly, you will see an inquiry on your credit report from CAL Automotive.  If you received an Adverse Action Notice from CAL Automotive,  please note that the notice includes some key reasons that the credit request was declined, as well as the credit bureau that was reviewed to render that decision.  If you wish, you may contact any of the credit agencies for a copy of your credit report:

Experian: 800.846.5279
TransUnion: 800.882.8105
Equifax: 800.685.5000

Warning!  CAL Automotive has become aware of a third party website (Doxo) which claims to offer bill pay services to a variety of Banks and other service providers for a fee.  While our company information and website is listed on their site, this company is in no way affiliated with CAL Automotive.  CAL Automotive cannot control when we will receive payments from third party companies.   Please contact us directly at 609-807-3200 if you have any questions about setting up online payments.

Payment Notification
You will receive a coupon book and mailing labels to make your monthly payments. As a new customer, refer to your lease agreement for your next payment due date (usually 30 days from delivery of your vehicle). If at that point you have not received your coupon book, please contact our Customer Service Department directly at 609.807.3200.

Payment Options

Mail – You may send a check with your coupon stub to make a monthly payment.
Bill Pay – You may choose to set up your monthly payment through your bank’s online bill pay.
Online – You may set up a one-time or recurring payment through the website. Click here to register

Lost Coupon Book
Please contact our Customer Service Department at 609.807.3200. A representative will gladly order a new one for you. Call immediately to avoid late payments and late charges.

Making Payments In Advance
You may prepay on your lease at any time, but there is no savings advantage. Prepaid base rent will be reflected as a credit balance next to 'Amount Due' on your Account Details summary.

Changes In Payment Amount
In some states, your monthly payments may include local and/or state sales tax. If there is a change in tax rate in the area you reside, or you move to a different state, your monthly payment may be affected.

The terms of your lease agreement require you to maintain a certain level of insurance coverage during the entire life of the lease - from when you sign the lease contract to the moment CAL Automotive has received the vehicle back from you.   Please see your LEASE AGREEMENT for details.

Minimum Liability Coverage Limits:

  • $100,000 per person
  • $300,000 per accident
  • $50,000 property damage

Physical Vehicle Coverage on the Leased Vehicle:

  • Comprehensive and Collision Insurance must be maintained, and with an allowed deductible of no more than $500  on the comprehensive coverage and no more than $500 on the collision coverage.


  • As owner of the vehicle, CAL Automotive must be named as Additional Insured and Loss Payee


Important: Failure to maintain the requisite amount of insurance is considered a default on your lease agreement.  CAL Automotive employs services to actively track insurance coverage on all leased vehicles.  In doing so, situations arise in which adequate insurance coverage cannot be verified.  Should you receive any communication regarding the need to prove insurance coverage on the leased vehicle, we appreciate your prompt response to the instructions provided within the communication.  Please send updated insurance information to:

Certified AL Company
PO BOX 398075
Minneapolis MN 55439


Initial Vehicle Registration
Initial registration is handled by your dealer at delivery.

Registration Renewal
New Jersey – NJ Motor Vehicle Commission will send your registration application to CAL, and we will forward it to you. Follow the instructions and mail the application as directed to Motor Vehicle along with your fee. The registration will be sent to CAL and, upon receipt, we will forward it to you immediately.
New York & Pennsylvania – You will receive registration materials directly from the Motor Vehicle Agency.

Lost Registration
Please contact our Title and Registration Department at 609.807.3200. Our representatives will be happy to assist and provide you with any of the necessary documentation.

Receipt of Title After Purchase
Release of title after purchase is determined by manner of payment. Once you receive your title, you must take it to your local motor vehicle agency within 10 days to transfer ownership.
Bank or Certified Check – Approximately 3 days after receipt of payment
Other Payment Types – Up to 3 weeks after receipt of payment

Prior to your move to another state, contact our Title and Registration Department at 609-807-3200, Ext. 9509 to discuss area restrictions and receive our written consent to move the vehicle, as outlined in your lease agreement under OPERATION OF THE VEHICLE.  Please be aware that at lease end the vehicle must be returned to the area from which it was originally leased.

Research local registration and tax requirements in the area to which you are moving.  Your monthly payment may change as a result of a change in local and/or state tax.

As your lease approaches its completion, we will contact you to assist you in understanding the vehicle return process.  Or, you may contact us at 609.807.3200 Ext 9510.

Return Your Vehicle – If you decide to return the vehicle, we will arrange a convenient appointment to pick it up from you, per the terms of your lease. After landing and inspection, we will mail you with a statement of your account.

Disposition Fee – This charge applies to vehicles that are returned and can be found in your lease agreement. This is a common charge found in automobile lease agreements to offset expenses associated with the sale of the vehicle.

Excess Mileage – See your lease agreement for the amount of mileage allowed in the lease, and the charge for each mile in excess of that amount. These charges are subject to sales tax.

Excess Wear and Use – If applicable, only an authorized independent, licensed appraiser can determine these items and the charges due. These charges are subject to sales tax. Description of Excess Wear and Use

Vehicle Inspection And Return
Although most vehicles returned to us incur no charges for excess wear or use, you may desire to have an inspection performed prior to the return of your lease vehicle. We recommend that you make these arrangements about a month in advance of your maturity date to allow the company you select the ability to complete your appointment prior to the end of your lease.

We make no recommendations as to selection of vehicle appraisers. They must be licensed by the state you reside to ensure that the report can be considered valid.

Purchase Option Quote Requests

When sending payment, please

  • make your check payable to CAL Automotive
  • complete and sign an odometer statement
  • mail check and odometer statement via USPS or overnight courier to:

CAL Automotive
4556 S Broad St.
Yardville, NJ 08620


CAL Automotive
4556 S Broad Street
Yardville, NJ 08620
Phone: 609.807.3200 Fax: 609.807.3190